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The Doctor is IN

Posted by on November 12

Yes the Doctor is IN!!!

2 years ago Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi moved to ducati because of unsatisfied multi million dollar deals and heated competition with
team mate Jorge Lorenzo. Rumors said that Rossi wants an increase in professional fee but Yamaha cant provide the money due to
global recession, So vale favored ducati’s lucrative deal.

2 years ago Chief mechanic of valentino, australian Jeremy Burgess said “We can fix the bike (ducati) in 80 seconds
Guess what… 63,072,000 seconds later still they cant fix the bike!:-D

The two buddies blames Ducati for not acting quickly and not providing them a new crankcase for the ducati engine.
They believe that having a crankcase thats separate from the chassis is better over a frameless chassis crankcase in one.

So rossi and burgess decided to return to there former clinic… YAMAHA and yes THE DOCTOR IS BACK!!!


The next question is, Will his chief engineer/partner in crime/soulmate Jerry Burgess still be on his team? 

What do you think?
-Will the 2013 MotoGP season as exciting as 2010?
-Will there be a back to back/rubbing elbows performance with 2012 MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo this 2013 MotoGP season?

Well, Thats for us to find out 🙂

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