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Scorpion Serket Taper Titanium Racing Exhaust

Posted by on August 15

Ive tried already so many  aftermarket exhaust for my bike and so far the best ones i found are AHM M1.
but lately i tried this UK made exhaust.. its scorpion serket taper titanium

Scorpion Serktet Taper Exhaust can


This exhaust muffler has a taper designed, its quite big if compared with other aftermarket mufflers available in asia but it
has its purpose, it makes the sound of your bike bassy, low tone which is unique and gives your bike a racing machine sound 🙂

taper shape exhaust

This can is made of titanium, the lightest and much stronger metal than stainless steel.

If you’ve noticed, the front part is circle shape. it has a standard size of most tubes used on racing exhaust which has inlet diameter
of 51mm, same size with AHM M1 triovale exhaust

scorpion serket taper circle shape


the weld on the can is superb! using a TIG welding which is strong and refined. The inner mesh material is perforated metal with
specific hole for better sound dissipation.


serket hexagonal shape


What attract me most is the shape of the rear outlet.
its rear is a unique precision formed 6 facet profile and an Aerospace derived multi composite ‘Claw Contoured’’ outlet.

scorpion red power

its similar with the akrapovic exhaust rear end but has has a unique red circle trademark by scorpion which defines “RED POWER”
dbkiller or silencer can be installed in this can as a bolt is provided just incase you need to little bit silent.

scorpion exhaust box


of course when you buy it, youll get a handy well protected muffler can box.
Yes quite expensive compared with other asian aftermarket mufflers but definitely its worth it!

Anyway heres the unboxing Video of the Scorpion Serket Taper Titanium exhaust



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