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Release of the long awaited UMA Superhead for Yamaha T135

Posted by on January 2

8th months ago, We’ve compared the UMA superhead with stock head of Yamaha Sniper.
Now Racingboy Malaysia just announced the released of the Superhead to the public.



It reveals more secret details of the superhead


The most noticeable in the picture above is the OVAL SHAPED exhaust, This shaped is very common in heads used in racebikes.
It gives a better flow of exhaust gas smoothly out of the engine.


The intake and exhaust valves size are still unknown…




Fully customized head made from scratch and not a rework from original t135 head



The super head intake ports are also in semi oval shape , Im just wondering if the intake manifold is also designed for the
superhead, Hopefully its part of the superhead package because the existing uma racing intake manifold has circle shaped
endport so it wont match the semi oval shape intake of the superhead.

But looking at the box, it shows the special  intake manifold is included 🙂

Racingboy Malaysia, Im still waiting for your response 😀



Racingboy told me the valve size of super head are
– 23mm INTAKE
– 20mm EXHAUST

also from uma superhead thread discussed by botsok, it says it cost usd$500 all in!
that means it includes camshaft, valvespring, manifold.

Public sale is resched for some adjustments of the superhead specs…
expected release is on february 2012 2013




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