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Projector Headlight, A MUST FOR SAFETY!

Posted by on January 8

Ok, i used to install projector headlight on my bike several years ago but i decided
to remove it due to there are “dark hotspots” in the light beam,

now i just realized the dark spots was due to substandard quality of projector reflective lens.
Heres the old thread tutorial for my DIY projector kit how to for motorcycle headlight

Recently i was able to get Morimoto projectors a known aftermarket brand from USA.
gladly i was able to get a HUGE DISCOUNT last december’s Cybermonday sale!!!

Projector headlight for me are one of the best upgrade to your bike or car especially
if you use HID XENON lighting kits. it adds SAFETY to you and to other vehicles
due to better low beam cutoff which will give farther road light but wont glare on oncoming bikes/car.

I ordered 1 set of Morimoto Mini H1 and Morimoto D2S projectors from
these two projector types are the most common and known for its high quality projector kits.
the Mini H1 i use 4300K HID bulb and in Mini D2S i use 5000K bulb. The reason is for me to differentiate
between 4300K and 5000K.

if you want to know their differences based on physical dimensions, here it is:

The mini H1 is taller compared with Mini D2S. But D2S is wider.
So you really have to check your bikes internal headlight dimension if it fits.

I install Mini H1 on left headlight and Mini D2S on our Hyundai Eon mini car.
i had a previous experience in removing lens on my bike using a boiling water since we dont have oven at that time.
the disadvantage of using boiling water to separate your headlight lens is, your stock reflector “reflectiveness” will be affected.
I dont advise boiling water procedure if you are planning to bring it back to its original setting.

Now, i use a heat gun since Hyundai Eon headlight is too big for a home oven.
Here im using Dewalt D26414 Digital heatgun.


which as temperature range from 50c to 300c.

I heat the sides of the headlight at 160 degrees celsius and carefully pry it using flat screws.
expect some small back casing breakage especially if your first timer…

Heres what my car headlight looks like after separating clear lens from back case

installation of Morimoto projector kit is very easy and its plug and play for H4 type headlights.
no other modification is needed!

Once everything is installed, heres the final look

Now for the light beam pattern



In high beam you will notice the cutoff difference of Mini H1 and Mini D2S

For Right Hand Driving (RHD) cars, it is best to install mini H1 projector on left headlight as it has lower highbeam cutoff
which reduces the glare on oncoming traffic BUT it has better and wider lowbeam light.

On right headlight, it is best to install Mini D2S as it has higher high beam cutoff which focuses on your own road lane
and will give you a farther light distance.

combining both the Mini H1 and Mini D2s in your car will give you the best projector setup.

Anyway heres the full video of the comparison and its light output and beam pattern difference.

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