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Gensan new tricycle design

Posted by on August 18

Ive watched the news (gensan tvpatrol) about the new design of tricycle that the city council is proposing.
I do have same sentiments with the tricycle drivers with regards to the new design.
The proposed design  is a box type compared to the existing one which is rounded.
See picture below:

(picture taken from gensan tv patrol)

I have traveled the whole country thru my ever reliable motorcycle, you name it from aparri to samar down
to gensan. In those travels i had, ive seen the different designs of tricycle in every places and I still love
the existing tricycle design that we have here in Gensan.

Gensan has the best tricycle design for me. Its smooth, curve sides, attractive looking. But i do agree
that some tricycles are too small, its because we dont have standard sizing of the tricycles.
So making the tricycle a bit wider is good making it comfortable to the riding public.

The proposed design by the city council i believe does not fit to Gensans slogan of “Magandang Gensan”
I do suggest that the city council thru transportation chairmain councilor remus claro will initiate a
Gensan Tricycle Design Contest that the winner will be chosen by the public and different sectors,
Tricycle Drivers, Operators Students, riding public.

The tricycle design contest should be open to anyone that can design the best tricycle that will fit with
our slogan and will attract tourism in our area. We have lots of talented generals here…

If bangkok has famous tuk-tuk tricycle,
its high time for Gensan to have a best tricycle design in the Philippines.
That can be achieved by asking our Generals to design a tricycle for us.

if you have design, please do let me know… i will publish it here…

8 Responses to Gensan new tricycle design

  1. Dennis Medina

    For me as passenger/commuter, okay naman ingani nga design kay sure nga kumportable. Ngano man diay ug karaan, mas magpabilin ang image sa GENSAN kung naa pa tay makita nga mga orihinal design. Dili man ni heavy kay daghan na karon light materials nga dili macompromise ang durability. Sa proposed design, gibalik ang;

    1. wide wind shield for better view.
    2.Mas dako sab ang painted plate no. for easy identification
    3. Wide space for both front and back seats.

    Business class accommodation.

  2. dcrow

    batia gud pwed na ihulog dagat himuon coral reef

  3. jez

    pangitag dagway uy! murag panahon p n ni kupong2x! nindut p ang trysikad ana! hehe diretso n lng n bote bakal pls…. hahaha

  4. jarzjames

    dapat di na city ang tawag sa GenSan… Parang nasa bulobundukin tayu nyan nakatira……….

  5. ramon castro

    Daw LONGON!

  6. 09466634870

    Was travelling in bukidnon, CDO, BISLIG to Zamboanga Peninsula. dira na mga lugar nako na ga kit -an nga designs. mura kog nalooy sa makina kay dili aerodynamics.. bug at ra ako sa akong panan aw. kinahanglan gyud ug HYDROBAC ani aron mohunong dayon. Unsay i partner nimo ani XRM? Barako ug Boxer pwede na. Isa pa self descipline lang na sa Operator kung saonz niya pag design sa lettering. Kung sosyalan lang gi ahak, DI KO MO SAKAY ANI UY KUNG SM KO mo naug. BATI

  7. allan

    Mas maganda sana kung open ang design sa lahat ng gusto magoperate ng tricyclce…sana hndi limitahan ng LTO-gensan ang design.. hindi naman cguro kelangan ng uniformity pra lang masabi na gensan registered yung tricycle mo.. ung consumers eh minsan namimili din ng maayos na tricycle, so qng maganda yung design at medyo UNIQUE sa paningin nila eh di yun yung pipiliin nila, so habang tumatagal eh lalong ngpapaganda ng design ung mga tricycle operators dahil sa naturang cmpetisyon.

  8. Corazon

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