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Author Archives: manong

Yamaha Philippines first EFI motorcycle: Will it be Vixion, R15, R125 or Jupiter z1?

Today, Yamaha Motors Philippines Inc (YMPI)  just announce its launching of its first Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) motorcycle in the country. Due to insistent public demand, Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. will be having a Yamaha Club Day on Sept. 9, 2012 (Sunday) on the MOTORSHOW itself. Witness the unveiling of Yamaha’s First F.I. at SM … Continue reading »

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FAQ: Aftermarket Exhaust pipe & PD 96

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT MOTORCYCLE AFTERMARKET EXHAUST PIPE and PD 96   What is an exhaust system -An exhaust system is composed of header, tube, muffler. It is used by motorcycles and vehicles to direct the flow of exhaust gas to the rear side and to lessen the engine noise   What is Aftermarket exhaust pipe? … Continue reading »

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Gensan new tricycle design

Ive watched the news (gensan tvpatrol) about the new design of tricycle that the city council is proposing. I do have same sentiments with the tricycle drivers with regards to the new design. The proposed design  is a box type compared to the existing one which is rounded. See picture below: (picture taken from gensan … Continue reading »

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Alpinestar WP Fastback Riding Commuting Waterproof Shoes

Its been more than 5 years of  riding in the rain, Touring the whole mindanao. Riding all over the Philippines using a typical plastic bag to cover my shoes. Finally i just purchased this waterproof riding shoes from Alpinestar. This is Alpinestar WP Fastback, There are two color versions available. One is Black/Black combination and … Continue reading »

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UMA superhead comparison with Yamaha Sniper standard head

Few days ago, UMA Racing announced their newest product for Yamaha Sniper. its a new cylinder head, redesigned with bigger valves and optimized porting. They call them UMA RACING SUPERHEAD. This is the first racing cylinder head that is made from scratch! as previously all racing cylinder heads are modified from the standard original head. Congrats … Continue reading »

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Petron Economy Endurance Run 2012 Final Results (aka SAFERUN)

EVENT OVERVIEW  SAFERUN is a SAFE AND RESULT-ORIENTED event wherein motorcycle manufactures and enthusiasts can test the fuel efficiency, performance, durability and dependability of their motorcycles over a 2-day 750km run in actual traffic conditions, various terrain and weather conditions. SAFERUN aims to further strengthen our advocacy for Road Safety by training the participants to … Continue reading »

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Pocketbike, its More Fun!

I missed riding my pocket bike, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast i really recommend to get a pocket bike also called mini moto in some other countries. Basically it has 25-50cc engines, air cooled or watercooled depending on the model. Mine is a 45cc liquid cooled polini GP3 replica pocket bike which i bought … Continue reading »

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Circuit Racing Proper Footwork!

Ever wonder what happened to Michael Jordan #23 ? Yes your idol michael jordan of chicago bulls is a motorcycle enthusiast and now a team of owner of his own racing team Jordan Motorsports 🙂 No wonder this big black guy can fly over the court, He masters his skills over the circuit track. Maybe … Continue reading »

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Bigbike vs Feeling Bigbike

BIGBIKE vs FEELING BIGBIKE Recently i had a chance to ride with bigbike boys from davnor. ruel honda cbr600, mikemike cbr600, renren cbr600 and joel kawasaki ninja250 and me yamaha sniper150 went to gumasa beach in glan. joel also called “puto” by his friends used to lead the pack since he has more experienced on … Continue reading »

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Most Powerful Pedicab Ever!

While on a gasoline station, this pedicab also known as trisikad tow a Ford Pickup 🙂 this pedicab with 125cc motorcycle does all its power!! 😀

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