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Author Archives: manong

aftermarket pipe / Open Pipe Max Noise allowed 115db (LTO ACL-2009-018)

According to LTO Administrative Order No. ACL-2009-018 the maximum noise level for an exhaust system for motorcycles and vehicle is 115db  (115 decibel) See page 23 of ACL-2009-018 to summarize, Any exhaust system must not exceed 115db noise level.   Here is the complete copy of the LTO ACL-2009-018               … Continue reading »

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Projector Headlight, A MUST FOR SAFETY!

Ok, i used to install projector headlight on my bike several years ago but i decided to remove it due to there are “dark hotspots” in the light beam, now i just realized the dark spots was due to substandard quality of projector reflective lens. Heres the old thread tutorial for my DIY projector kit … Continue reading »

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Scorpion Serket Taper Titanium Racing Exhaust

Ive tried already so many  aftermarket exhaust for my bike and so far the best ones i found are AHM M1. but lately i tried this UK made exhaust.. its scorpion serket taper titanium   This exhaust muffler has a taper designed, its quite big if compared with other aftermarket mufflers available in asia but … Continue reading »

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Moto3 Marquez “newbie” VS MotoGP Rossi “Legend”

Marc Marquez the Moto3 Champion is now on motogp this 2013 season riding for Honda team. Valentino Rossi the motogp former champion  is back with his home Yamaha team. Between the two great riders, who do you think will win this season? will the spanish newbie outshines the italian legend? well lets see… Marc Marquez … Continue reading »

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Release of the long awaited UMA Superhead for Yamaha T135

8th months ago, We’ve compared the UMA superhead with stock head of Yamaha Sniper. Now Racingboy Malaysia just announced the released of the Superhead to the public.   It reveals more secret details of the superhead The most noticeable in the picture above is the OVAL SHAPED exhaust, This shaped is very common in heads … Continue reading »

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How to properly break-in your new motorcycle engine

Ive been building/rebuilding my engine several times and if i change a bore kit, I always follow the hard breakin process by MotoMan. Basically its the opposite of the process of manual booklet style break-in process where you “baby” your new bike. ride it slowly, Dont rev up,etc… Well i believe the reason why factories … Continue reading »

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The Doctor is IN

Yes the Doctor is IN!!! 2 years ago Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi moved to ducati because of unsatisfied multi million dollar deals and heated competition with team mate Jorge Lorenzo. Rumors said that Rossi wants an increase in professional fee but Yamaha cant provide the money due to global recession, So vale favored ducati’s lucrative deal. 2 years … Continue reading »

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Sniper 135 vs Raider 150 on a race track

  Suzuki Raider/Belang 150 and Yamaha Sniper/135LC are the fastest underbone in asia. If the two fastest underbone in asia will be put on a race track, Who do you think will win? In malaysia, They have this race called Petronas Cub Prix. Its the MotoGP racing equivalent of underbone motorcycles in asia. These race … Continue reading »

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And the winner is… What EFI bike Contest winner

In my previous post Yamaha Philippines first EFI motorcycle: Will it be Vixion, R15, R125 or Jupiter z1, I said that if im wrong, I will give a freebie to a selected person who will leave a comment. Well IM WRONG 🙂 , the First Yamaha Philippines EFI bike is Mio Soul 115i and not … Continue reading »

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2012 Yamaha Mio Soul i (EFI) 115cc

Philippines First Yamaha Mio Soul i (EFI) 115cc Yesterday, Yamaha Philippines Inc launched its latest product, Yamaha Mio Soul I, The first EFI motorcycle of Yamaha in the Philippines. We should thank Yamaha Philippines for bringing in EFI scooter bike in the country. Electronic Fuel Injection motorcycles are known to have the best fuel economy due … Continue reading »

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