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Alpinestar WP Fastback Riding Commuting Waterproof Shoes

Posted by on June 5

Its been more than 5 years of  riding in the rain, Touring the whole mindanao.
Riding all over the Philippines using a typical plastic bag to cover my shoes.

Finally i just purchased this waterproof riding shoes from Alpinestar.
This is Alpinestar WP Fastback, There are two color versions available.

One is Black/Black combination and mine is Black /Yellow combination.
I choose this riding shoes because of its Waterproofness.

So far ive tried this riding in hardrain and it works! Even if i am using a standard ordinary jeans, it just
keeps my feet dry (well not really dry. somewhat moist buts its due to my jeans is not waterproof)

The protection of this riding/commuting shoes is the sides are hard, thanks to Rubber TPU.
The soles have good grip on your footpeg.

The only disadvantage of this shoes is the front area (toes) is not hardened. Not steel toe.
So if you fall and unlucky your toes is sandwich by the asphalt and your bike, Goodluck!
well that happens maybe 5% chance only so basically its just ok, Thats the tradeoff of comfort in walking/riding shoes.

To summarize, If you are looking for a riding/walking/office shoes all in one.
I highly recommend this Alpinestar WP Fastback 🙂


Heres the video of Alpinestar WP Fastback

2 Responses to Alpinestar WP Fastback Riding Commuting Waterproof Shoes

  1. Jomar Espedido

    Hi Sir.

    Pwede po ba malaman magkano po ung ganitong riding shoes? Im looking for this kind of shoes po kase reason is i always traveled from home to work using MC and it’s hustle dahil minsan pagtapos ng ulan basa ung kalsada and yung talsik ng tubig is sobrang shoot sa shoes lalo na pag nka rear peg, hehehe.

    Hoping to get answer where i can buy also this kind of shoes.

    Thanks you 🙂